Harvest Right

Information about the Harvest Right instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Manage financial and analytic accounting
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Organize and plan your projects
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Track employee time on tasks
Create and customize your Odoo apps
Document management
Time Off
Allocate PTOs and follow leaves requests
Track your recruitment pipeline
Centralize employee information
Data Recycle
Find old records and archive/delete them
HarvestRight Repair Scheduler
HarvestRight Repair Scheduler.
Harvest Right Account
Harvest Right Accounting related Customizations.
HarvestRight Helpdesk Extension
HarvestRight Helpdesk Extension.
Harvest Right Manufacturing
Harvest Right Manufacturing related Customizations.
Harvest Right Sales Customization
Harvest Right Sales related Customizations.
Harvest Right Inventory
Harvest Right Inventory related Customizations.
Harvest Right Transfer Chatter
Chatter for Detailed Operations
HarvestRight Sales WH Rules
HarvestRight Sales WH Rules.
Woo-Commerce Contact
Woo-Commerce Contact Extension
Harvest Right Workorder Views
Improve Workorder tablet views.
HR Contact Extension
HR Contact App Extension.
Centralize, manage, share and grow your knowledge library
Odoo Direct Print PRO
Print any reports or shipping labels directly to any local, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer without downloading PDF or ZPL!
SME Account
Enable Account features develop by Silverdale.
SME Barcode Extension
Add Print Buttons for Report in the Barcode
SME Base Setup
This Module is use for base setup for silverdale modules
SME Cares
Get access to the Silverdale Cares suite of services, including help through live chat and email, access to our business process library, and eLearning modules.
SME Contact APP
Add Options on contact form to access the odoo modules records on portal .
SME kit Equipment Return
By enabling this feature you will be able to make return of kit product with serial number on Helpdesk Ticket.
SME Helpdesk
Enable Helpdesk features develop by Silverdale.
SME Attendance
Enable Attendance features develop by Silverdale.
SME Field Service Extension
Field Service SME Feature - Warehouse on SO
SME Mail
Enabling mail features develop by Silverdale.
SME Send Message Composer
Open a full composer on the button 'Send a Message'
SME Discuss Search
Discuss Search Options
SME Manufacturing
Enable Manufacturing features develop by Silverdale.
SME Multi Equipment
Equipment's Tracking on Contact
SME Remove Decimal Point
Enabling the features you are able to view Quantity in lines without Decimal Point.
SME Purchase
Enable Purchase features develop by Silverdale.
SME MRP features for Quality Control
MRP features for Quality Control develop by Silverdale.
SME Repairs
Enable Repairs features develop by Silverdale.
SME Return Repairs
Enable Multi Repairs from returns features develop by Silverdale.
SME Sale
This will help in sales for Enabling Features develop by Silverdale.
Silverdale Sale Confirmation Date Tree View
Silverdale SME Feature Add Confirmation Date Field on Sale order Tree View
SME Sales Discount Amount Addition
Sales: Adds discount amount in the SO lines
SME Sales sale person domain
Sales: Adds domain on sale order's sales person domain
SME Sale Shipment Confirmation
Sale Shipment Confirmation popup.
SME Filter on Sales
'To Invoice' and 'To Credit' filter are added in the SO
Silverdale Security Extension
The Silverdale Security Extension provides access to all our Security related functions.
SME Inventory
This will help in inventory for enabling features develop by Silverdale.
Silverdale Stock Location Barcode
Silverdale SME Feature Stock Location Add Barcode and Parent Location Field on Tree View
SME Warehouse Rules
SME Warehouse Rules.
SME Work Order Print Label
Ability to choose which label gets printed when using a quality control point of type Print Label
SME ZPL Label Designer
ZPL Label Designer
SME ZPL Label Transfer report
Add Print Custom Button in Transfers and Barcode Modules
HarvestRight Sale Order Warehouse Rule Scheduler
HarvestRight Sales WH Rules.
Odoo Taxjar Connector
Compute sales tax automatically using TaxJar based on customer and warehouse address in United States. (TaxJar Odoo, TaxJar Integration, Sales tax)
Odoo WooCommerce Connector
Odoo Woocommerce Connector helps you automate your vital business processes at Odoo by enabling bi-directional data exchange between WooCommerce & Odoo.Apart from Odoo Woocommerce Connector, we do have other ecommerce solutions or applications such as Magento connector, Shopify connector, and also we have solutions for Marketplace Integration such as Odoo Amazon connector, Odoo eBay Connector, Odoo Walmart Connector, Odoo Bol.com Connector.Aside from ecommerce integration and ecommerce marketplace integration, we also provide solutions for various operations, such as shipping, logistics, shipping labels and shipping carrier management with our shipping integration, known as the Shipstation connector.For the customers who are into Dropship business, we do provide EDI Integration that can help them manage their Dropshipping business with our Dropshipping integration or Dropshipper integration It is listed as Dropshipping EDI integration and Dropshipper EDI integration.Emipro applications can be searched with different keywords like Amazon integration, Shopify integration, Woocommerce integration, Magento integration, Amazon vendor center module, Amazon seller center module, Inter company transfer, Ebay integration, Bol.com integration, inventory management, warehouse transfer module, dropship and dropshipper integration and other Odoo integration application or module,
Unearned Revenue Woo-Commerce
Unearned Revenue Woo-Commerce
Send documents to sign online and handle filled copies
Track, prioritize, and solve customer tickets
Control the quality of your products
Manage and publish an eLearning platform
Manage your employees' schedule
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Manage engineering change orders on products, bills of material
Schedule employees' meetings
Field Service
Schedule and track onsite operations, time and material
Assess your employees
Create and validate approvals requests
Allow people to book meetings in your agenda
Send your surveys or share them live.
Repair damaged products
Employee Referral
Let your employees share job positions and refer their friends
Track employee attendance
Use barcode scanners to process logistics operations
Organize your work with memos
Skills Management
Manage skills, knowledge and resume of your employees
Fedex Shipping
United States Postal Service (USPS) Shipping
Online Jobs
Manage your online hiring process
Easypost Shipping
Employee Contracts

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Account Automatic Transfers Demo Data
Generic - Accounting
United States - Accounting
1099 Reporting
Easily export 1099 data for e-filing with a 3rd party.
US Checks Layout
Print US Checks
NACHA Payments
Export payments as NACHA files
US - Accounting Reports